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  1. me to my cat wherever i close the door so they don’t enter to annoy me because i actually don’t like sleeping with them but also don’t like letting them out either 😔😔😔💔

  2. Im just glad they ever were and decided not to cling to needing codependency as in requiring external love. I enjoy being loved. But I realized. What I loved more. Is the realization what I love more than receiving love. Wich feels beautiful to have your lover love you. And does hurt to lose it. I say stay patiently optimistic that it can return as in same person or new love. But don’t stay needing it or stop living and loving and being happy all because of not having who and what you want when and where and how and why you want it. Yes it sucks to not have control. Yes it would be nicer to never hurt or lose anything. But we have a choice to be bitter and waste time and new happiness wishing for what isn’t. Move into accepting what is. Reaching for what have potential to be. But letting go of what cannot and does not happen. If you do you’ll find happiness again. If not. You could experience a full life till death. Frustrated and hurt and why. It will never help you get it back. So accept the other way. And just find what I have. The beauty of giving love. Do you enjoy loving someone. Dont you like giving them the feeling of being loved by you. What would you give up. Being married and you alone feeling happy and loved. Or is it more important to you. To be the one giving your love to your wife or husband and seeing them in bliss feeling so happy bathing in your love for them. It feels good to see them enjoy it right. Even If you remove you own happiness. Look at your loved ones. That feeling you get when you see them enjoying being with you smiling because you are the source of their joy. Doesnt that alone. By itself. Feel so good to know your lover is able to experience being loved. To me. Most chase the feeling of being loved. I chase the feeling of gifting my love to others. It frees me from loss. I don’t need to be loved now. I am able to be happy because as long as I never stop loving others. I cannot lose my happiness. It can’t be taken if they leave. Or stop love me. I like to be loved. But now that I focus on loving I have peace. And if they leave so. I still loved them so im happy they got my love while here. Also. I give my self self love. Its Bliss.


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