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Top 10 Malaysia Online Casino That Support VIP Esports Betting Experience

Esports betting Malaysia has become a popular betting option among Malaysian players. This is largely due to the thrill of the exciting bets, odds and possible events to emerge in the famous computer games. Also, the bonuses and promos associated with esports bets have increased significantly over the years. So, players enjoy staking on League of Legends, DOTA II, and many other esports games at Malaysia online casinos.

However, what many do not know yet is the rewarding and intriguing nature of esports when played with VIP perks and privileges. Now, several trusted Malaysia betting platforms offer VIP Esports betting experiences to their members. Although you need to meet the requirements for VIP membership in the casinos, you can expect a thrilling betting experience after becoming a special player in the casino. Looking for a reliable esports Malaysia online casino with VIP programs? Learn about them below.

Top 10 Malaysia Online Betting Platforms to Play VIP Esports Betting Sessions

1.     Maxim88: Most Reliable Malaysia Online Casino to Play Esports with VIP perks

2.     96M: Most Secure Betting Platform in Malaysia to Access VIP Esports Markets

3.     me88: Best Malaysia Online Casino to Enjoy VIP with Unlimited Bonuses on Esports

4.     BK8: Top Gambling Platform in Malaysia to Claim VIP Bonuses for Esports Bets

5.     12Play: Most Generous Malaysia Betting Platform for Esports Bets with VIP Program

6.     UEA8: Most Entertaining Malaysia Online Casino with Easy VIP Requirements

7.     Dafabet: Top Mobile Malaysia Betting Site to Play VIP Esports Games

8.     B9Casino: Top Malaysia Online Casino to Claim Exclusive Deals on Sportsbooks

9.     Plae8: Most Supportive Betting Platform in Malaysia to Access VIP Esports Bets

10.  MyBet88: Best Gambling Site in Malaysia to Claim Sportsbooks VIP Bonuses

A Guide on How to Harness VIP Perks and Privileges on Malaysia Online Casinos

Now that you have a handful of Malaysia betting sites to consider for a VIP gambling experience on esports bets, it’s about time to get started. If you are unfamiliar with registration, deposit and becoming a VIP member on the betting platform, learn from the guide below:

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Online Casino

Start by selecting a trusted and licensed online casino in Malaysia from the list above. Alternatively, you may seek platforms that offer a dedicated VIP program with structured tiers. These tiers provide personalized perks based on your level of play.

Step 2: Register your Account

Now, you need to use the Signup or Registration button on your preferred casino’s dashboard to commence your registration. Complete the requirements, verify your emails and return to log into your account with your username/email and password.

Step 3: Understand the VIP Tiers

Malaysia online casinos typically have several VIP levels, each offering different rewards. Common tiers include Elite, Pro, Expert, Master, and Legend. As you play and accumulate deposits, you’ll ascend to higher tiers.

Step 4: Accumulate Deposits

Your total monthly deposits determine your VIP level for the following month. Keep track of your deposits from the 1st to the 30th/31st of each month. Once you meet the deposit threshold for a specific tier, you automatically qualify for that level.

Step 5: Enjoy VIP Benefits

Here are the perks you can expect at various VIP levels:

  • Personal VIP Customer Services: In this case, you will benefit from dedicated support and priority assistance for any of your queries or questions.
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Prioritization: This offer enables you to enjoy faster deposit and withdrawal processing and special treatment for financial transactions.
  • VIP Cash Bonuses: Here, you get to win weekly VIP upgrade cash bonuses, birthday cash bonuses and weekly credit rebate cases. However, the possibility depends on your rank.
  • Bonus Points: You get to accumulate VIP upgrade points as you climb tiers. This can be redeemed for additional rewards.

Step 6: Fulfill Turnover Requirements

Some VIP levels may require you to achieve a minimum turnover (betting) requirement. This ensures fair play and prevents abuse of bonuses. Check if this applies to your chosen casino.

Step 7: Claim Your Bonuses

Remember to claim your weekly VIP upgrade bonuses and credit recovery bonuses within the specified time frame. These bonuses often come with turnover requirements before withdrawal.

Step 8: Enjoy the Luxuries

As a VIP, you’ll receive luxury presents, invitations to exclusive events, and even all-inclusive trips. Embrace the perks and make the most of your elite status.

Best 3 Tips to Win Esports Bets on Malaysia Online Casinos

Learn some expert recommendations to enhance your chances of winning esports games in the online gaming industry below:

  • Before placing any bets, research the esports market thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with their recent performance, strengths, and weaknesses. Knowledge about the esports scene will help you make informed choices.
  • Unlike traditional sports, esports odds can vary significantly. As a bettor, look for favourable odds. Harness fluctuations in odds to maximize your potential winnings. Keep an eye on different bookmakers to find the best odds for specific matches.
  • Begin by betting on games or titles you understand well. If you’re knowledgeable about a particular esports game (such as Dota 2, League of Legends, or CS: GO), focus on that. Familiarity with the game mechanics, player strategies, and team dynamics will give you an edge.

Final Note

With the remarkable list of Malaysia online casinos offering VIP Esports betting sessions, you may now start. Simply register on your preferred betting platform, deposit money into your wallet, enjoy your preferred games, and accumulate your winnings. In time, you’ll meet the basic requirements to reach the first rank of VIP membership on the gambling platform. In this way, you can start using the perks and privileges of the VIP program to enhance your winnings on Esports games. Don’t forget to also utilize the professional tips shared herein. Enjoy your gambling experience as a special member.

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